DÈRMA CLEANER (Leather Cleaner) 500ml (17oz)

$9.99 $15.99

​#DÈRMA CLEANER is a concentrated product with a balanced formula, able to gently clean any type of leather upholstery. Cars’ leather, if not treated regularly, tends to get the classic polished and worn look.

#DÈRMA CLEANER is the ideal product to maintain over time the original and natural finish of leather upholstery. It can be used both as a detergent, for extraordinary cleaning on very damaged leather coverings; and as a maintenance product.

Thanks to its special formula, enriched with emollient agents with micellar functions, it cleans without dehydrating leather surfaces, preventing premature aging and preserving the original leather finish. It leaves on treated surfaces a good clean fresh scent.



  • Highly concentrated formula
  • Can be diluted for maintenance cleaning or for cleaning the most soiled interiors




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