PERFÉCTA (Quick Detailer) 100ml

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#PERFÈCTA is the fastest and most effective solution when you need to enhance gloss, depth, satin effect, and protection in a short time. A follow-on to #CUPIDO, #PERFÈCTA combines the finish of the sealant with sophisticated detergents. The refined formula eliminates dirt, water stains, and insect residue quickly, bestowing shine and a satin effect on the bodywork, windows, parts in plastic, seals, chrome surfaces, etc…

#PERFÈCTA is an excellent aid for drying because it reduces the risk of hard water staining the surface. It was formulated to be compatible with the applied layers of waxes, sealants, or nanotechnological coatings. Each use adds an extra layer of protection!


  • A sophisticated formula that contains cleaners as well as protection
  • 2-3 weeks of protection! 
  • Easy to use, even in direct sunlight


#PERFÈCTA can be used on a wet or dry surface.

On wet surfaces, spray #PERFÈCTA on one panel at a time and dry with a water-absorbent cloth. On dry surfaces, spray #PERFÈCTA on a microfibre cloth or on the body, apply #PERFÈCTA, and then dry immediately.




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