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Product details


The Large Car Kit is aimed at cars such as a Dodge Challenger & BMW 5 Series.

    You also have the ability to add Tints & other accessories to make your car kit more complete. 

    Included in the Box

    • base no background.png__PID:2e80bc42-cef6-4549-ab7f-679ad6ae963d

      5 x Basecoat gallons

    • 1 x High Gloss Kit


    Along with the core AutoFlex products, you will also receive...

    • 1 x rolls of 3/4" Q1 Ultimate Tape
      2 x rolls of 1.5" Q1 Ultimate Tape

    This tape is the absolute best in class. Not only does it have the perfect level of adhesion, it's also waterproof and is very resistant to solvents (even in the heat).

    • 1 x roll of Q1 Premium trim tape

    The Q1 trim tape is perfect when working with solvent paints such as ours. The adhesive doesn't lift and it is incredibly easy to work with.

    • 1 x roll of Q1 Premium Drop film.

    This drop film contains Q1's premium tape which is complemented by a fully solvent resistant film.